We make doctor-patient communication more effective

Make sure you take your medications on time, measure your health parameters – blood pressure, pulse, etc. and safely share your confidential information electronically with your healthcare providers

What EMMA Lite is good at

Tracking when you take your prescription meds
Helping you control your blood pressure, pulse, etc.
Providing easy-to-read visualization of your medical data
Safely storing your medical information on your personal device

How EMMA Lite works

Here are a few easy steps you can take to get the most out of your preventive and curative treatment using EMMA Lite.

Before the doctor's visit. Monitor your medical data and input it into your device. Use online health data reporting to share your medical data with your doctor.
At the doctor's. Discuss your medical data with your healthcare provider using charts, graphs and tables from your report to get a better understanding of your medical condition, progress in rehabilitation, etc.
After the visit. Use a built-in scheduling tool for accurate intake of prescribed meds and keep uploading your health data.

EMMA Lite Health diary is a highly effective and easy-to-use tool for:

  • monitoring measures for disease prevention

  • increasing patient engagement and awareness

  • managing rehabilitation after injury, illness, or surgery

  • managing chronic illness

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